The Armed Forces undoubtedly offer their personnel a unique career, full of opportunities and challenges. The best gifts, among many that come to them are a sense of adventure, a strong desire to travel, visitor management skills and finer points of hospitality. Organising of conferences and meets, exploring new places, travelling etc. becomes an essential part of their proficiency. These, then are the very areas where the Tourism, Hospitality and Events and the Service industry want professionals to excel in. Thus, when the time comes for a Defence Officer to hang his uniform, he can easily choose to serve with any segment of the Service Industry. To add to the above, at the age when a person retires from the Defence Forces, he is comparatively young in age yet rich in experience especially in fields which require organisational skills and meticulous work. He abounds in qualities like loyalty, diligence and a deeply ingrained sense of discipline- just what is most sought after by employers in the corporate world. Therefore, with little orientation, he becomes an ideal resource known as ‘Human Capital’.


ICSI offers 6 Months Online Complimentary Diploma Course to Defence Officers – Study at your pace, submit soft copy and get Rewarded

  • Development of Northeast Region of India
  • Services Exports from India
  • Tourism Development in India
  • Empowering Education, Skills and Health Sector

ICSI - Complimentary 6 MONTHS ONLINE DIPLOMA for Defence Officers Ladies on submission of Project Work Online on any one of the following:

  • New Pedagogies in School and Higher Education
  • Understanding the Learner
  • Teacher as Counselor
  • ICT in Teaching and Learning
  • Assessment- Evaluation and Learning Outcome
  • Innovative strategies in Counselling skills
  • How to improve Youth Communication Skills and Critical Thinking
  • Role of Parents and Teachers in shaping Youth
  • Digital Education – New approach
  • Alternative Education
  • Importance of vocational education
  • How to sharpen Youth Skills with formal Education
  • How to improve Indian Education System
  • How to develop Life Management Skills in Youth

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Once you complete your online programme, ICSI will help u to pick up a job in the city,where your Husband is posted,through NHRD Network.