Reoccupation Opporunities

Defense personnel have acquired certain skills, attitude and competencies during their service and have served the nation all their lives. They swear to mother earth for their lives to save her from any kind of enemies in any circumstance. They are the perfect example for the students of today’s world and can teach them about various aspects of life through their personal as well as professional experiences. They can become bench mark in the educational field becoming master teachers and trainers. Majority of the defense personnel at the time of retirement are at an age where they have numerous unfinished domestic responsibilities, which necessitate their taking up second occupation. In fact retirement is the age for all defense personnel must be brought at par with the corporate world.

The youth in today’s era needs such guidance that they serve the country selflessly and flourishes the nation with their hard work and conviction, which can be provided by people who have given all their time, interest and focus towards the nation. So Galaxy Finishing School is giving a golden opportunity to the defense persons to spend their second innings also serving the nation. The battle field is not around the borders and boundaries of the country but to bring a change and skill the youth hence, generating a skilled workforce for the country.

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