Within 3 years of retirement the retired officers can avail one rehabilitation course run by the Directorate of Resettlement by paying 40% of the fee.

Resettlement & Welfare Schemes

At the time of retirement, majority of service personnel are at an age where they have numerous unfinished responsibilities which necessitate their taking up a second occupation.

Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB) under the chairmanship of the Raksha Mantri lays down general policies for the welfare of ex-servicemen and their dependents, for administration of welfare funds, and also for coordinating the work of the Sainik Boards in the country. Similarly, at the State level the Rajya Sainik Boards (RSBs) and at the district level the Zila Sainik Boards (ZSBs) have been established.

The Directorate General of Resettlement (DGR) under the Ministry of Defence looks after all matters connected with the resettlement and welfare of ex-servicemen and their dependants.


The primary thrust of the Directorate General of Resettlement, Kendriya Sainik Board, Rajya Sainik Boards and Zila Sainik Boards is on dignified resettlement and efforts are made to explore various avenues for employment of ex-servicemen. With a view to resettle/re-employ ex-servicemen, the Central Government arranges the following:

  • Training programmes to re-orient retiring Defence personnel towards civil employment
  • Reservation of posts for providing employment opportunities in government/semi-government/public sector organizations and assistance in employment with corporate sector
  • Schemes for self-employment
  • Assistance in enterpre-neurship and setting up small scale industries


The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) department has been rendering many services to the Armed Forces.

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