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As the Skills have its presence in the entireness of all the facets in the humans life, which has formed a novel defending tool. It has the existence since ages but now the pulls the attention for defense welfare. Dexterity for defense is the root in the smart world so, the another form of the need is to pursue Defense Welfare. Therefore, evolving skills for defense lay the track for wholesome personality. DEFENSE WELFARE CALL has turned an integral part being associated with NSI FINISHING SCHOOL to avail it to the youth for the holistic treatment for turning the world a better place.

It has risen up with the target to let the youngsters imbibe the sagacity of the defending ways as per the circumstances. It is meant to justify the protecting art. It practices how & what to be utilized for catching on to the peace on the spot. In fact the task is to maintain social equilibrium. The youngsters have to grasp this in order to safeguard the lives for themselves & others by comprehending the intensity of the situations. Defense may form various forms like tangible and intangible wherein there is a need to penetrate the cause to act the most adequate.

Competencies for the defense welfare has to serve many purposes commencing with sound mind along with sound body to healthy youth & so turn the country with a rational explications. These are the drive force for young people to put a check on their unfair dealing striking to their mind about the right one. It then moves them to a judicious usages of their prowess of being in the role of soldiers.

The contributions is at the end of the Defense Welfare Call to provide young people with it to muster them so that the process can culminate in the all well realm.

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