Our Vision

As of now, the Service Industry is fast emerging as a source, which offers the maximum jobs in its numerous segments. This is a great boon for all, especially retired defence officers whose numbers are fast swelling among the educated and skilled un-unemployed.

We well know that Defence Services officers retire at a young age, yet have unbounded energy and rich experience which is going abegging. Therefore it needs to be tapped, channelised and utilised for the good of the Service Industry.

This trained reserve of human resource, thus needs to be directed, so it can be led into avenues existing whereby dignified jobs can be offered to the defence personnel in the Service Industry, compatible with their potential.

We are of the view that this is the right time to start with a group of dedicated like-minded ex-defence officers who well realise the need to provide their retired defence brethren with a facility which provides such a training infrastructure for re occupation in the civilian world.

Its members are a valuable part of a task force who can provide a great social impact upon the people of Punjab.

Come be a part of our vision